Lasers Cryogen

Skin Cool Cryogen offers the highest quality consumable products and the best pharmaceutical grade cryogen in the industry for all Candela Lasers that use CRYOGEN as a coolant material. Cryogen is the coolant used in conjunction with laser treatments to provide low temperature for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Cryogen is safe and effective; it protects the surface of the skin and skin structures. It prevents pain and excessive swelling and can lower the risk of blistering and pigment changes.

Our Skin Cool Cryogen is compatible with all Candela Lasers such as GentleLase, GentleLase Plus, GentleLase Pro, Mini GentleLase, GentleYAG, GentleYAG Pro, Mini GentleYag, GentleMax, GentleMax Pro, SmoothBeam and V-Beam, and we are dedicated to serving you with the highest and purest quality at very reasonable and affordable price which will enhance the performance of your Candela laser treatments, guaranteed.

Skin Cool Cryogen is sold by the cases of 12 canisters. Each canister contains (1000 grams) of Candela lasers cryogen and we do offer the (680 grams) cryogen canisters as well.

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